The overworld is home to a variety of biomes, ranging from unique to astonishing places, such as the Badlands, Ice Spikes, and Coral Reefs, along with your classic destinations like Birch Forests, Taigas, and Jungles. Are you not satiated? Do you crave MORE?

Marbles, our new mod, has come and scattered its dozens of exotic biomes to quench your thirst! Marbles was born with the intention of creating more new and exciting biomes, with many cool things to discover. Why don’t we go take a look? Come hither, and you will see new destinations.

Aspen Forests

aspen overview

Wowza, would ya look at that, it’s a yellow biome! This forest features a new tree type… aspen! They’re unlike the rest of the other logs as these bad boys grow in colonies tied together by their roots, and refuse to be divided. The top floor of the aspen forest is complemented with roaring yellow grass, grisp, and lavishing amounts of alliums set atop.

Pollen-Graced Lamb


Oh, and what’s this, a lil’ friend, a lil’ sheep, A pollen-graced sheep! These lil’ fellas can be found roaming in the aspen forest, rumbling around in the leaves. They also come with a new wool color, which also includes a fancy new bed, of course…

Caven Cantaloupes


This gargantuan melon, much like myself, is a sight to bestow. These can be found in the caves of the aspen forests, hanging from the roots that they grow from.

Harvesting them will grant you their pulp, which can be eaten, but beware they have a sense of exploding inside you at any moment upon being eaten ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Sunset Grottos


The Sunset Grottos, spires of sandstone with enlarged tops. These sandstones are named ‘Dawn’ and ‘Dusk’ which are generated as layers. In addition, this biome has a new tree type, ‘Hoopsi Spruce’, containing special blue-colored leaves.

The Bouncer


The Bouncer is a new special zombie type that roams the grottos. Being the big hunks they are, they hurl you up into the air hoping to damage you with a fall. You might have to wait for him to catch up, though, as he is a little slower than the rest of his wee zombie friends.

Wooly Yak


This bad boi spawns in quite a few of the colder biomes. They can be sheared to collect the coolest new wool ‘Yak Fleece’. This stuff can be used to make a new sleeping bag, which allows you to sleep without resetting your spawn point. Pretty fancy if you ask me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yellow Bamboo Hills


These golden hills have a new bamboo type, ‘Yellow Bamboo’. Growing on the towering hills, they are accompanied by the beautiful lilacs which grow in the local area.

Bamboo Blocks


Ever think bamboo needed some more attention? Something more to it? Well look no further cause we got what you’re looking for, adding a few new special blocks for some more building options. We got some nice ol’ baskets, some tiki torches, a special little bed, of course, and a few more.

Travertine Straws


The lemon, the peach, the tangerine, and the travertine all make up the new travertine straws. These formations sure look nice, but beware of the boosting geysers, or use them to your advantage.


What’s this? It makes a special obsidian when lava is extinguised on top of it?… Travertine obsidian is a new type of portal to help you not have to deal with syncing up nether portals that are too close: gives you some extra space to play with.

Pink Salt Caves


Pink salt caves - pretty. The glistening lower floors enlighten themselves with glowing salt chunks. The upper spires can be shot down (dunno why, maybe you could smash passing pedestrians or something, sounds like a good ol’ time).


These salt chunks are quite special. They suck up light levels near to them, allowing you to customize your builds with custom light sources. Very fascinating ain’t it.

And that’s what we’ve come out with so far. This is a warning that we will come to your homes someday and force you to install Marbles, just like Crumbs. Anyways, hope you enjoyed a sneaky peak.

Want to see this progress more often, or even get alpha builds as the code is written? Then why not come and check out our amazing Discord server!

Lots of love, Dodo Gang <3